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Economic Development and Growth

Fayetteville has workforce that is diverse, skilled and the youngest in the Carolinas, but to be successful we need to be consistent, committed and aggressive. We must bring this community together, while providing the resources, energy and leadership required implementing a sustained effort that transforms neighborhoods, leverages the talent of citizens and shows the outside business world our true potential.

Public Safety and A Great Place To Live/Work

I grew up in north Fayetteville where I’ve seen neighborhoods transform from middle class family ownership to rental and transit housing. We have to give families a safe and stable place to live work and raise their children.

We cannot change poverty until we give our residents economic opportunity. We need to make sure that we give our children a quality education so when they come to the work force they are ready. It is our job to make sure our residents have safe and secure environment place to live and recreate.


Recreation for our Residents

Connectivity is very important to any community. We have taken great strides to expand recreation facilities and bike trails. The Cape Fear (walking, running, and biking) Trail is an awarding winning asset to our city and our neighboring communities. We have already completed phase 1 and 2. With each phase we are closer to being connected to the Botanical Gardens and the downtown district. We will continue to develop facilities for our communities and recreation areas through the city.

Opportunities for our Youth

The Fayetteville-Cumberland County Parks & Recreation Department has numerous activities for our youth under the age of 18. I think the biggest problem we have is our youth and their parents not knowing programs we have in place. The city has tried to place a recreation center within five miles of neighborhoods. With the parks and recreation bond and the two new pools we have funded we are making progress. Over 60,000 people used our swimming pools this summer alone. We have the Fayetteville-Cumberland Youth Council, youth development programs and leadership programs.